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Analytics that helps to get better results

Performix works with your Business, Technology, and Digital stakeholders to provide secure, optimal, analytics solutions that are reliable and scalable. We can assist by providing turn-key solutions or providing the talent that you need to fill the gap in your implementation. Our sound understanding of Data allows us to provide a holistic solution for your need that can evolve with time. 


Our goal is to cost-effectively simplify the process and offering solutions tailored to your specific needs. Call us to schedule a project consultation. By allowing us to develop and implement the technical needs of your analytics, your time is more efficiently used to produce actionable insights and strategic decisions that will increase your business.


Niche Services

We are experts at delivering analytics applications — including data capture techniques and effective reports to drive business metrics. Delivery of the entire solution takes 4-6 weeks from inception to production. We realize that everyone talks about quality and measurement, but when the time comes to measure they lack in means and ability. We make your measurements of any scale feasible. We do so by using the latest technology and common sense approach to delivery.


Our objective is to make it feasible for our clients to measure any major step or decision that is taken internally or externally. The measurement could be attached to operations, sales, procurement, market-potential or compliance.



Business Analytics

Perfomix can provide:

  • Consultation on data preparation and aggregation (Conversion, Transformation, or Synchronization)

  • Developing ETL interfaces across data stores

  • PII Strategy 

  • Safe Data Lake strategy and development

  • Social data interfaces and catalogs (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)

  • Visualized reporting

  • Delivery of datasets and models for Data Scientist to add value using other tools

  • Feedback loop and AI integration for automatic improvement 


Call or Email us for a free consultation.


Business analytics and visualization
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