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We provide services to the public and private organizations of all sizes.



We have worked with Fortune 500 firms across industries. This includes Manufacturing, Retail, Financial, High Tech, Agriculture, Healthcare, and others. Our cross-industry experience allows us to add value by cross-pollinating solutions across industry thus bringing out of box thought process.  We assist our clients with SOW projects and talent in BI, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Analytics solutions.

When we are invited by you to an RFP or a bid we make sure that you have not missed a technology that fulfills your business purpose of the project you plan to undertake.

For example, you might be looking for a custom built solution that could potentially take many months to build and go live but instead, there might be an option to rent a similar service using Software as a Service from another vendor.  This could give you immediate access to what you need without any capital investment or a long-term risk.



We have worked with schools and educational administration to create powerful school district software. Our web application Archetype Gateway allows easy administration of a school district and grants the opportunity for parents to easily monitor a student’s daily life.


The Archetype Gateway uses a central portal page for access to information about several schools. Parents use the same website as their students progress through the school system. 



Performix is positioned to serve federal and state government effectively and efficiently using a diversity of talent and strength. We focus on solutions and aim to deliver on time and within budget. For our service offerings, please see our profile. We have been awarded GSA contract status and are a vendor on multiple GSA schedule listings. We consider Government as a preferred customer and are committed to providing you with preferred pricing and an efficient service model and vendor services. In addition to GSA, we are SBA 8a graduated. We are registered on CCR and accept all major credit cards. Again, our objective is to bring efficiency to our clients.


Please contact us with any queries and ask to see our rates for your Federal and State agencies.


Our government channel partners include:
Zen Logic, Spectrum Technology Solutions, PCann Inc.



Beyond the Yellow Ribbon web and e-learning

Performix provides the complete solution to create an effective Beyond the Yellow Ribbon web-directory, web-platform, and e-learning program that can be utilized by Service members and their families on a click-of-a-mouse button.


A user will be able to find what they are looking for within 3-4 clicks on the site.


They can customize their experience and be part of the BTYR community by leaving feedback and integrating into the program.


We are leveraging best-of-the-best technology to provide Service members a very pleasant experience and service.


Program Objective:

Program of Instruction (POI) review and gap analysis to provide State Army National Guard with a neutral third-party perspective of the current POI, the results of the prior government-contracted study of the reintegration program and produce the next generation POI and curriculum for ongoing use.



Phase I DCS:
Refers to specific pre-deployment events that occur during this phase of deployment cycle support training. Events occurring in this phase are designed to proactively train soldiers and families to adapt to the real challenges of a mobilization and build and train a responsive network of support that can provide rapid solutions. The two events occurring during this phase are a Family Readiness Leader Conference and a Family Preparation Academy.


Phase II DCS:
Refers to specific deployment events that occur during this phase of deployment cycle support training. Events occurring in this phase are designed to provide a responsive and well-trained network of support to soldiers and their families. Proactively train families to understand challenges of reconnecting with their returning soldier. The two events occurring during this phase are a Family Reintegration Academy and Advanced FAC/FRG Training.


Phase III DCS:
Refers to specific reintegration events that occur during this phase of deployment cycle support training. Events during this phase are designed to help soldiers and families merge back into civilian life by providing re-integration training, access to governmental and non-governmental resources and provide a timely referral. The four events that occur during this phase are Initial Reintegration Training, 30-day Reintegration event, 60-day Reintegration event, and Monthly Individual Reintegration Training.


Phase IV DCS:
Reset and follow-on include 90 days PDHRA (POST DEPLOYMENT HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT) services and other individualized post-deployment activities.

Please view for more info:

Contact us at for info on beyond the yellow ribbon program.



A Portal of Communications for the Red Bull Infantry

Performix created a commercial stand-alone portal for The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division to support the Commanding General’s communication plan.


The website,, serves as the primary public information source for a 20,000-person military force in Iraq, and will be the “site of record” for soldiers, families, elected officials, communities, employers and other audiences interested in the activities of the 34th Infantry Division.


Performix was responsible for designing, developing, hosting, and maintaining the secured site for the division. This site supports all browsers including the mobile platform. It is a multimedia site that supports, audio, pictures, video, and podcast. The site provides custom access control for the division staff and members.



Scalable solutios for companies, government and educational institutions.
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