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App Dev that is platform aware

The mobile platform is quickly becoming the users’ choice for interacting with enterprise application software, and also empowers decision makers to make informed decisions quickly. With the current market demand, it is clear that the mobile platform is quickly becoming the primary delivery platform. Ubiquitous computing is becoming a reality in the new world through mobile delivery systems.

We expect the exponential migration to the mobile platform to continue as corporations realize the high ROI and competitive advantage that it brings.


We have a team of experts who can design and build mobile applications and web applications for all mobile platforms. We assist in packaging these applications using various technologies (including Native Applications (iOS or Android), HTML5, Javascript frameworks (including Angular, Node, React), and various other platform independent solutions.


Project Examples for Mobile Development:

  • Mobile Entertainment

  • Sales & Business Applications

  • Websites for Mobile Devices

  • Web Services Integration

  • Banking and Finance

  • Mobile Utility Applications

  • Productivity Applications

  • Assets Tracking

  • Time and Materials Tracking Applications

  • Web & Desktop Widgets

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Visual and Technical Design for Mobile Applications

  • Gamification/Gaming



Case Studies


Environment Control Applications

The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort mobile app allows users to remotely monitor and manage their heating and cooling system — at any time, from anywhere. Rival sparks innovation at Honeywell: “For decades, Honeywell International Inc. never had to worry about building buzz for its thermostats: All it had to do was make them. But that’s changing.”














Mobile Application for a Large Weather Data Provider

To provide delivery to real-time weather data on a mobile cross-platform that includes: iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry. The application being developed is also packaged using Adobe AIR that provides a secure web-kit to work cross-platform. This includes data delivery to various industries including Commodity Exchange, Agriculture, Aviation, Military, and others.

Mobile Ancillary Applications for Triage Android Tablet

Performix is working closely with the manufacturer to build ancillary applications that could be used by customer/patients of medical tourism. This includes Calendar, Multi-language Support and Language Translation, Games Catalog, Blue Tooth Pairing Management, and Medical Device Interfaces.

Business to Business Event App

Performix is working closely with various B2B event organizers to evolve the Performix event app.  This app has all the information relevant to the event including sponsors, schedules, location, registration etc.  Organizers are able to use the data to analyze various aspects of the event and improve upon the event year after year.  The app also allows participants to connect with each other to conduct business.  Event App is nicely connected to the social communication tools like Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Mobile app development
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