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On Going Mobile

Google mobile view

Google keeps the mobile version similar as the computer version.

It is exciting to be in the mobile environment in today’s world. Mobile technology was in its rudimentary stage with cellular phones in the last generation. Phone functionality was very limited  — people mainly used it to access email, messaging, or surfing the internet. Since that time. The mobile web, commonly referred to as the wireless web or mobile, is a far superior browsing experience than previous generation mobile devices. Mobile apps have become so integral to the lives of users that it is hard to imagine life without them.

To accommodate all of the things you can now do with a small handheld device, storage has improved tremendously (up to 256MB of built-in memory, most often between 20MB and 80MB) wireless capability (wireless connectivity is ubiquitous now).  Overall, with the increased usability, phones are like computers  — offering data transfers, money transfers, email functions, videos, music downloads, social networking, shopping and more.

eBay mobile view

eBay offers the classic look in the form of a link in the lower right corner.

As users, we find that these devices can empower us to do more.  Smart phones, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices give unfathomable speed, accessibility and functionality.

Related terms:

  1. Mobile computing: human computer interaction while on the move.

  2. Smart phone: a tool for mobile computing capable of email access, video playback, web browsing.

  3. Mobile platform: a display and a manner in which the information is presented on mobile devices. As soon as smartphones came out, companies rushed to get their website/stores on the mobile platform.

Performix's main web site and its mobile view.

Performix omits the decorative background and dropdown menus from its mobile version.

On a mobile device, websites display differently than on a PC, including how forms come up on the smart phone.  It has varied for different companies. Content-savvy organizations will opt to leave the flash out of their mobile version for quick upload time. Google is the same in access from any device. Amazon and eBay give an option of accessing their classic/full site on the home page as a separate link in their mobile versions. You can get more information on going mobile by emailing

Priya Jain


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