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AI improving fitness industry

People are now becoming dependent on technology to overcome their wellness and fitness problems. Many new fitness apps, gadgets, and wearables are being launched in the market and creating all the buzz. The fitness industry is going through a major transformation as IoT and AI are bringing innovations in fitness product offerings. The demand for AI-integrated applications for health, fitness, and nutritional sectors is increasing and most of the businesses are inclining towards fitness app development integrated with AI to leverage the benefits for their business,

Undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence is not new but it is bringing innovations in the fitness space. Mo Iqbal, founder, and CEO of Sweatworks believes that “A.I. is being implemented by looking at your data and what you’re doing to suggest something that might be a fit for you,” User data is collected from fitness wearables that reads your daily activities such as total steps walked, sleep timing, distance traveled. Artificial Intelligence reads this data to offer improved workout strategies according to your behavior and feedback. AI and Machine Learning integrated into fitness applications use complex algorithms to find the data patterns through your daily workout sessions.

Various tasks can be performed in less time with more accuracy through AI and ML, which is typically done by humans. AI tracks the exercise patterns and health behaviors of the user to offer better approaches towards their fitness goals.

Growing Fitness Industry

In the last few years, AI has become an important part of the health and fitness industry. The AI solutions used in healthcare and fitness are revolutionizing the industry by reshaping the individual habits of people.

A recent report from Research & Reports revealed that the global worth of fitness technology was $17.9 billion in 2019 and it is expected to grow to $62.1 billion by the year 2025. You may be unaware, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is assimilating deeper into our lifestyles. Reports and Data research firm predicted that by the year 2027, the annual revenues of the fitness app market will be $14.64 billion, with around 100.2 million active fitness users by 2024.

Improving the Fitness Industry with Artificial Intelligence

Fitness and healthcare are such elements that can be quantified through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Here are some AI trends for the fitness industry that promise to make you healthy and fit.

1. Smarter Fitness Wearables

AI integrated wearables work more efficiently and smarter by analyzing your health data such as heartbeats, diabetes signatures, pulse rate, calorie count, weight, etc. To help you out with better exercises the next day, fitness applications also track your daily exercises, time count of daily workouts, and food requirements.

Apple, Google, and Android are some famous tech giants that are planning to create wearables with virtual assistants that can virtually assist the users according to the health data collection. Moreover, exercise and fitness equipment are also being integrated with Artificial Intelligence so that the users can use them more efficiently to maintain their fitness.

2. AI Fitness Coaching

For beginners, AI-based fitness programs may be of incredible help! Fitness industries are creating fitness applications that can offer real-time analytics and customized command through synthetic intelligence. Some organizations are working towards the development of sensors that can be installed in your exercise clothes to reveal your movements.

As per the body movements, the sensors will ship out customized commands to flow your body. They are planning to partner up with brands to integrate those sensors into branded garments. Currently, these sensors work best with yoga, but soon it is going to revolutionize other industries also. This is how an AI fitness coach can help you a lot.

3. AI Fitness or Training Apps

In this fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, people usually do not get enough time to hit a gym or home workout. Hiring a personal trainer is not possible for everyone as it costs a lot.

But now, fitness applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence are available for smartphones that allow the users to work out anytime from anywhere. You can set your goals in the app, get an affordable premium plan and start working out at your home or in the garden by watching the videos of trainers.

What more interesting about these apps is that they have inbuilt AI personal trainers that act like human trainers to guide you with proper exercise and workout to keep your fi and healthy. These AI-integrated fitness applications offer you personalized training and fitness plans according to your fitness goals, eating habits, current fitness levels, and other data.


Artificial Intelligence has already set its foot in almost all types of industries including fitness and health. Fitness apps integrated with AI help the user to achieve their fitness goals without going to the gym. Today various fitness applications are integrated with AI personal assistants, in the market that offers exercises according to fitness goals and eating habits of users.

Some of these applications even help the users to track their daily fitness routine. Apart from these exercise benefits, AI also helps businesses to generate sales by making better decisions according to analyzed and collected data.

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