AI strengthens Agriculture

Updated: May 27, 2021

Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges: it has to produce more food and fiber to feed a growing population of 7.8 billion. Gradually decreasing field and a smaller numbers of rural labor force are the other constraints. But the end goal is lots of food that too in good quality.

In such a tough situation, agriculture can’t afford to remain the same. Here comes The Agribot using Artificial Intelligence and Satellite technology that revolutionized the system to give the maximum results. Forecasting is the key to agricultural activities and therefore this machine will be able to forecast weather patterns e.g. rainfall patterns, so that farmers know when to plant. Furthermore, this machine is able to test soil PH as well as fertility levels and guide farmers on corrective measures so that good yields are realized.

One other quality of this machine is its adaptability to different environment with different weather patterns, but at the same time adapting to the system and give correct information useful for agricultural activities and ensuring good harvest. This machine will also act as a security mechanism which can detect fingerprints and footprint of intruders who might want to steal from the fields to achieve this it will use the alarm system.

The design of the machine will have a similarity to agricultural equipment and tractor design has been chosen. All the microchip controllers and sensors will be mounted on a four wheeled tractor model. With the continuous rise in the global population, so is the demand for food and for that we need to increase the pace in which we produce, food as well as the quantity but the production of food is hampered by poor harvests and that's where the Agribot comes to the rescue. They monitor production and harvesting of food in order to give satisfactory results. According to the report, there was an argument that agricultural sectors would have to increase their production with an estimation of about 25% in order to meet demands. Uses of robots in agriculture increase the yields. The shortage of labor in the field is also a contributor to poor harvests but with the introduction of these robots we're increasing the labor force in our fields hence loses that would've incurred due to the instability of the soil's pH Increase in production.

These Agribots provide a relief to farmers. They reduce human labor input a farmer has to apply and gives him time to other things meanwhile the bots are in work, of course they need to be monitored. The bots need no payment for labor; they need maintaining and updating only. The suggested robot has many features to meet with the demands of the farmer as well as offers security. The pH value of soil differs depending on where it is located and what it composes of. Some crops are not to flourish in soils with a low pH value due to the acidity or high pH values. So the pH detector featured on the Agribot gives us the pH value of the land. The farmer is able to determine the right crops to plant avoiding poor harvests and the right products to use to give the suitable pH value for the soil for the tended crops to be produced. This decreases the loses that would've incurred due to the instability of the soil's pH increase in production. Bad weather is a great contributor to low harvests. So this Agribots provides the day to day weather forecasting of that way the farmer is prepared for the worst to come and in a way able to save his production from loss.

The Agribot takes all the challenges of farmers, thus they make the agriculture impactful and food is possible for a huge population.