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Banking Customer Satisfaction Program

Performix was the key partner in effectively launching a customer retention initiative (called identifying High Value Customers At Risk Program).


Objectives for this program:

  1. Retain at risk HVCs through timely problem resolution and consistent follow up

  2. Reduce apathy by improving the quality and frequency of customer communications

  3. Maintain satisfaction by delivering superior value and service

  4. Leverage WOWs and Advocates to generate referrals and increase cross sell

Working Model Agile: Start small, show the ROI and then scale nationwide to expand the effectiveness of the program and create a stronger brand for the bank.

Immediate goals were to: (1) enhance survey questions to provide more pointed feedback on banker performance—particularly in the areas of banker consultation and problem resolution, which directly impact customer loyalty; and (2) streamline reporting for easy expansion to the footprint.

Once a customer has completed an interview, they were suppressed from the calling file for a twelve (12) month period. This minimized customer survey fatigue and allowed for a larger pool of customers to be interviewed.

Follow Up interviews were conducted with customers identified as At Risk on the initial survey. These interviews were conducted four (4) weeks after the initial call was completed.

Reasons for dissatisfaction were assigned to four primary categories: People, Process, Product, and Other.

Online Reporting: Performix created a highly visual and automated online reporting system. This facilitated timely distribution of monthly and quarterly reports. Access controls to limit users to data and results based on their organizational hierarchy. Reports was delivered at the AU/Banker level, which allowed Managers to monitor Banker performance and provide coaching.

In addition, Performix provided roll up reports for All US Bank and Organization Levels.

Online reports included Monthly, Quarterly, and Follow Up reports. Visual reports created in Google Earth environment.

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