Contact less testing and monitoring

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It seems IoT was on the rise but due to Covid-19 its proliferation will accelerate tremendously in all industries especially healthcare. Coid took its highest tool in elderly homes and shared facility - spread due to negligence from the caretakers. Technology can solve this and eventually will. For this to happen expediently in USA we need to modernize FDA and be more in line with the technology rather than pharma models of the past driven by vested interest. Other countries are innovating at a greater pace learning from the holistic models and by validating concepts using known science and not waiting for lab rats to prove it. One such device I ran into is 'Dozee'.

It helps to:

  • Track Your Health Daily: Dozee monitors your heart rate, respiration, sleep, and stress levels throughout the night.

  • Medical-Grade Accuracy: Dozee is 98.4% accurate as compared to medical devices, ensuring you get hospital-like care at home.

  • Alerts About Potential Illnesses: Dozee's AI engine will track your health, scan for illnesses, and flag any health anomalies in advances

  • Detect Heart Failure: Dozee goes into the depths of every heart valve opening and closing, enabling it to screen for risks of heart failure years in advance.

  • Remote Monitoring: Distances don’t matter - take care of your loved ones' health even if you’re miles apart.

This is very exciting to see that entrepreneurs from outside healthcare are disrupting the field for good of the consumers. The time has come to fix healthcare! We can lean on tech and not politicians to drive results. It will not hurt to have politicians with a vision of the future rather dragging the rotten past forward.

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