Mobile will be your personal Robot

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

With rapid evolution of Mobile devices, personal computer is becoming things of the past. It’s handy, swift, savvy, and always connected. It can serve you conveniently while your PC has to go through many hoops.

We’ve seen the evolution of mobile computing technology firsthand over the past few years, appreciating how it has increased our productivity in all sectors. Not so long ago, a “lucky” employee might have been issued a chunky notebook computer. Eventually, that was joined by a bulky cellphone. Over time, though, the laptops got sleeker, and the phones got smarter. The busy professional’s mobile computing arsenal converged and became simpler, lighter and more powerful — especially on the smartphone side.

Since the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Deep learning, and Machine learning; mobile phone is on its way to become an indispensable personal robot. Our work and life both have been transformed. This journey has been accelerated during Covid time.

In the era of mobile apps, computer has become a restricted device. Most of the businesses are opting for mobile apps for its growth than web app or website. Life becomes clueless without mobile apps. Many creative apps are in the market for health, traffic, transportation, entertainment, education, utilities and other industries. Mobile adaptation has been exponential, be it your paper work, design work, data collection or storage, from every aspect it is a great fit.

Mobile phone will become smarter with the coming years. Every industry is strongly enhancing its apps with new technologies to give extra comfort and convenience to the clients. So mobile will not be limited to your work, but will become integral part of your life.