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Sales/ Business Development Position

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Performix’ Business Development Manager(BDM) is responsible for creating new clients for IT Staffing and managing some of the existing ones. High-level position matching through in-depth analysis of job skills and qualifications to determine which candidates to source, interview and hire. Also responsible for making business decisions that impact profitability, increasing existing business, bringing in new clients and applicants, and keeping gross margins at highest level possible.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: ·         Identify the client’s business and cultural nuances, as well as define the position, its functions, challenges selling points, and viability. Uncover the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities of the ideal candidate. ·       Work with Partners and other sales staff in creating an effective multi-channel strategy to get new clients in the target market and leverage their own relationship to create new clients

·       Establish expectations for the partnership with the client. Create new clients.

·         Actively market qualified candidates to new and existing clients. Utilize sales techniques to expand business through research, prospecting, and turning client inquiries into job requisitions. ·         Assist with the design of a sourcing strategy to uncover both passive and active candidates through existing and new sources in order to maintain an effective pool of candidates. Utilize electronic process in recruiting and placement to maximize efficiency and time-saving. ·         Assist with the management of ad generation and job postings for new business and recruiting sources. ·         Coordinate with recruiters on account development and account management. ·         Target the most qualified candidates and screen resume to identify potential matches. ·         Assist recruiting team to present the opportunity to candidate and conduct in-depth interview to determine suitability and interest of candidates. Identify, evaluate, and summarize relevant technical experience, knowledge, hard and soft skills, and abilities in relation to job requirements. ·         Maintain familiarity with the most effective recruiting tools appropriate to your branch to include: candidate pool, field employee availability list, database searches, internet searches, resume searches, other job boards, and organizations. ·         Negotiate labor rate, resolve possible candidate concerns, obtain candidate commitment for the position and set expectations. ·         Submit qualified candidates and respond to client concerns. ·         Facilitate the candidate/client interview and prepare the candidate for the interview. ·         Verify candidate references. ·         Debrief with the candidate and client after the interview, responding to any concerns or objections. ·         Extend the offer to the candidate and complete the documentation for new hire set up. ·         Foster relationship with field employee during the assignment. Follow up regularly with field employee to maintain the relationship and to build knowledge of needs and opportunities. ·         May handle field employee related issues, such as coaching, counseling and making determinations to end employees’ assignments and/or terminate their employment with Performix, as necessary. ·         Make business decisions that positively impact profitability. ·         Engage in positive public relations, responsiveness and service in coordination with sales staff. ·         Use advanced features of databases to generate reports of current and past activity to identify business trends. ·         Respond to client within one hour of receiving “ASAP” orders. Follow up with daily status communication on open orders, unless otherwise agreed upon with client. ·         Ensure total client satisfaction by handling all inquiries and resolving problems arising with client or field employees, including counseling, and involving management when necessary. ·         Ability to arrive to work at a specified time. ·         Attendance is an essential function of the job as it is a small team.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities: ·      Meet or exceed monthly number of starts and/or gross margin expectations. ·      Perform special assignments/complete projects as needed. ·      Complete timely entry of information tracking for performance measurement in Performix automated systems. Maintain consistency and integrity of data. Effectively utilize all advanced capabilities of Performix ATS ·      Participate in networking organizations.

Position Qualifications: Any combination of education and experience providing the required skill and knowledge for successful performance would be qualifying.  Typical qualifications would be equivalent to: ·      2+ year’s experience in sales of IT services. ·      2+ years sourcing or recruiting experience required. ·      Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in comparable field preferred. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Knowledge & Skills: ·      Effectively communicate in writing. ·      Effectively communicate verbally and by telephone. ·      Effectively communicate in-person with internal staff, external customers, and field employees. ·      Critical thinking and ability to take initiative. ·      Ability to make sound business decisions under pressure. ·      Strong computer and internet skills. ·      Ability to prioritize workload. ·      Assimilate well into a team environment.

Core Competencies:

·      Focuses on the Customer ·      Knows the Business ·      Focuses on Profitability ·      Commits to Quality ·      Analyzes and Problem Solves ·      Makes Sound Decisions ·      Works Well in a Team

·      Communicates Effectively

·      Shows Commitment ·      Takes Initiative

·      Works Efficiently

·      Demonstrates Adaptability

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