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Data that can be monetized

It's clear Data is quickly becoming the new currency. If you notice the top 4 companies of the world are primarily focused on getting the end-to-end Consumer Data. 


In the 90's it was a race to build data warehouses to drive analytics. The scope of data has grown and industries are merging. This has led to an interest in cross-industry data, finding patterns and analytics that could drive more revenue opportunities. Data warehouses are evolving to include Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. 

A successful data-warehouse design has to be able to evolve to include new kinds of data feeds and leverage new technology that adds new dimension to the data semantics. Obviously, the consumer is in the middle of this. Prior to any design work, the architectural objectives must be clearly defined. The purpose of a data warehouse is to serve its users, so it is necessary to know who will be using it, what their needs are, and how they interact. The analysts and stakeholders of a company should be empowered to visualize the data easily and view it from many angles with comprehensive data queries that are user-friendly.


A data solution exists to serve its users and should be:

  • Customer focused

  • Enterprise aware

  • As resilient to change as possible

  • Designed to load massive amounts of data in a very short time

  • Provide optimal data extraction processing

  • Formatted to support any and all possible BI analyses in any and all technologies

  • Secure and protect the PII (Personal Id Info)

Performix provides a complete software solution focused on our clients’ needs for data capture, analysis, and delivery.


We specialize in designing successful data solutions that deliver:

  • A central repository of consistent data with needed MDM or Tokenization

  • Powerful analytical tools, including Data Mining, Machine Learning, and AI

  • Effective visualization

  • Quick answers to complex queries

  • Functionality that does not interfere with operational systems


Whatever your goals are for data, we can serve it with a holistic outlook. We use a variety of development tools, depending on our clients' requirements and are not biased to any product vendor.

Cloud data collection and analysis
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