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Digital that makes you omnipresent

An effective Digital Strategy and presence can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients. We work with you to design and develop a web/mobile application that is perfectly suited to your business needs. We can also host and maintain your site on a private or public cloud. There are ways to enhance your visibility on search engines and social networks, making it easier for your potential customers to find you. We will show you how to increase your web app traffic using push and pull techniques. Whether you need a new web app, or you want to give your old app a new look with improved reach, call us!

Analytics/Visualization/Big Data

We can help you to consolidate your enterprise data using Big Data architecture and Data Lake implementation to provide cross department analytics and enabling to serve your customer most effectively. In the process, also allowing for reaching new targets and promoting new products contextually. We have a strong talent pool that understands how to keep a good balance of security and data analytics to suit your corporate taste and culture. We are vendor agnostic and use tools that best suit the needs, that are: Hadoop, Cloudera, Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, or IBM.


Search Engine Optimization

We offer web enhancement and development services to optimize your web app with a cutting-edge appeal that reflects your strategically favorable approach to your Digital and enhances your visibility online. After development, we can install features that will enable you to easily manage and update your site pages without any need for programming knowledge.


Our services include an analysis of your existing website to suggest enhancements that will:

  • Promote your business products and services

  • Optimize your visibility to search engines, such as Google

  • Generate more interactivity with visitors using a web page poll

  • Increase return and repeat visits

  • Enable visitors to get instant answers to questions

  • Make your site more appealing and easier to navigate

These are just a few of the many benefits available by using our web enhancement and search engine optimization services. Your particular business may require unique functionality in your company’s web design, and our experts can meet with you to discuss your specific needs.


Progressive Enhancement

Another option we offer our clients is a Progressive Enhancement, compartmentalizing the layers of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for seamless functionality.


We have found that by separating these website components, the following areas can be dramatically enhanced:

  • Site performance is improved, with faster page loads and enhanced usability.

  • Accessibility is improved, making your content available to all visitors.

  • Modularity makes the site builds easier and more fault-tolerant by decoupling components with smart boundaries.

  • Cross-browser and cross-device support make your site more portable.


Our approach to progressive web enhancement includes best practices in markup, styling and behavior for the best in:

  • Flexibility and interoperability

  • Portability that supports expanded features found in browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and mobile device browsers

  • Additional interactive features to effectively engage your audience


Whatever your web development needs, our experts are here to help you design and implement the features you want. Call us to set up a no-obligation analysis of how we can help your business online.

Web development, digital cloud storage, analysis, and visualization
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