Exceed the expectations through chatbot

In today’s digital era, mobile apps have become more of a necessity for businesses across the globe. That’s why the competition would try to edge each other out using innovative mobile app technologies. One such technology is Chatbots, which has made the waves and established its dominance as an important feature to have in a mobile app. Actually, Chatbot is a consumer-facing application.

Equipped with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Chatbots have evolved over time and are now one of the most important technologies in existence for eCommerce and mobile applications. As chatbots continue to evolve and transform themselves based on how they are leveraged, businesses are acknowledging that they are essential in making a mobile app user experience superior.

This is only possible through the implementation of innovative AI into chatbots which regularly fetch and filter data for businesses and generate insightful reports that can contextualize strategies and operations.

Gartner, world’s leading research and advisory company, reports that over 25% of digital employees will be using bots and virtual assistants for communication. Ai-based chatbots are revolutionizing the mobile app industry.

Chatbots are everywhere. From online assistants, such as Microsoft’s Cortana, to home applications like Amazon.com’s Alexa, chatbots have become one of the most visible. It represents a particularly important AI application because they interact directly with consumers.

These are the five most efficient ways in which AI chatbots can improve customer satisfaction.

Retaining Information: While interacting, the CSAT software should not make the customers repeat the information already provided by them. It should be Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) friendly, which is a set of guidelines for CSAI Software creators. The software should be able to retain information such as their name, reason for seeking support, where they are from, other basic information, and give relevant responses based on the information provided by the user.

Personal Touch: The customer satisfaction survey software should be able to decipher the tone and language of the customer and cater to their needs based on the context. In addition, it should handle the customers with empathy, for instance, an automatic apologetic response should be generated whenever any inconvenience is caused to the customer.

Customer satisfaction is not a one-time work. It should be a long-term bond, where you listen to their suggestions or grievances and act accordingly.

A happy customer can support your business and help you climb the financial ladder. For that, you will need to cater to their service requirements and provide constant support to their needs. You can do this by sending personalized messages, discounted deals, seasonal offers, and more. A happy customer gives back this satisfaction through their positive feedback.

Conveniently Accessible to Everyone: The chatbots must be equally accessible to all, regardless of visual or hearing impairments, the chatbots should have a read-aloud feature for the visually impaired.

Wonders of Analytical Approach: A good customer satisfaction survey software should be able to analyze a customer’s query and come up with relevant suggestions and recommendations. This will help in solving a customer’s issue automatically, without the involvement of an agent. It will decrease the manual workload. The chatbots should not just “machine generate” responses to reach conclusion, but should also be able to back up the response with reasoning. The chatbots should be more transparent, which provides a thorough understanding to the user, ultimately propelling the customer satisfaction of the entities using them.

Secure: A chatbot should be secure and confidential to its maximum extent, only complete confidentiality will make the customer feel safe, secure, and willing to use the chatbot.


A customer’s positive reviews reflect their expectations being met through your services. Chatbot will exceed the expectation of customers and take your firm to the next level.